In 2022, I had the privilege of collaborating with Urban DaDa, an innovative restaurant from Bucharest – Romania, . The founder of Urban DaDa reached out to me with a unique challenge: to create a logo that would embody the Dadaism style and capture the versatile, artistic essence of their brand. This is our creative journey, from conception to fruition.

The Creative Process – ZIKO Art


The journey began with an intensive research phase, immersing myself in the history and principles of Dadaism. Trying to find the perfect balance between a restaurant and Dadaism culture.

Concept Development

Inspired by the foundational elements of Dadaism, I created several initial sketches, experimenting with shapes, typography, and imagery that reflected the movement’s nonconformity and playful spirit. I explored a range of approaches, from the most abstract to more literal interpretations of the theme, seeking the perfect balance between instant recognition and conceptual depth.

Variant Presentation

I presented the Urban DaDa founder with a selection of logo variants, each accompanied by an explanation of the concept and how each design element contributes to the overall story of the brand. This was a crucial stage of collaboration, where the feedback received was instrumental in refining the final design.

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The Winning Choice

Among the presented variants, one stood out as the absolute favorite. This design captured the essence of Dadaism through a combination of typography with an antique bike, striking a balance between tradition and innovation, It was the perfect choice to represent Urban DaDa.

The Results

The final logo was exceptionally well-received by both the Urban DaDa team and its customers. It quickly became a recognized symbol of the brand, perfectly reflecting the unique philosophy and energy of the restaurant in the Bucharest center.


This project was an extraordinary journey into the world of art and design, demonstrating the power of creativity to transform an abstract idea into a strong and memorable visual symbol.

You can find the Urban DaDa on Instagram: where they’re very active